LavaTech Transparency Report, 2020 edition

This is our second transparency report to date. We've provided comparisons in this document, but if you'd like to review the 2019 one yourself regardless, you can access it here.

We also released the 2020 financial report, you can read it here.

This document was prepared on 2021-03-14, with numbers based around this date. It was mostly written by Ave, but it was reviewed and approved by both LavaTech members.

In general...

We haven't received any warrants or anything like that to date.

No DMCAs in any service in 2020.

No C&Ds in any service in 2020. is alive, as it has been for the past few years.

We're at 66 domains (including admin-only ones), compared to 60 of 2019.

We've had a complete hardware change in 2020, moving from a Hetzner dedicated server to a colocated server. Compared to 2019, storage space is a bigger concern than before, and we're exploring options.

v3 backend is feature complete, frontend still needs work. ETA: Soon™.

We have 691 active and 803 inactive users, which is to say that we got 85 new active users and 510 new inactive users since 2019. We're quite picky, I suppose.

There's 747922 files (taking up 182.21GiB), with 3881 of them from last week (taking up 982.94MiB).

In 2019, we had 473480 files (112.79GiB), and at the week of writing the blog, we had 5333 uploads in the last week (1361.02MiB).

While our total file count has increased by around 50%, our weekly counts slowed down a bit, even with Julian uploading a ton of cat pictures.

There's 1927 shortens, with 4 of them from the last week. That's only 4 new shortens in a whole year. It's not the most popular feature, you see. XMPP services

User count is 1072, up from 1042 in 2019.

No one was banned in 2020.

We've kept our server up to date as before, albeit slower, and we're running the latest version right now. We're still releasing our latest config files open to encourage people to deploy their own XMPP servers.


90dns has almost doubled in daily unique IP counts.

Right now, there's ~39k unique IPs per day (up from ~20k), ~10k of these in the US instance (up from ~4k).


Gitdab had a major user registration spam issue over the year, and we had to constantly wipe unverified users. Sadly, we also had to switch from a built-in captcha to hcaptcha after a while to stop this spam, which ended up working fine.


We spun up a bitwarden+bitbetter instance in 2020, and after a couple months of non-stop issues, we moved to bitwarden_rs.

We're quite happy with bitwarden_rs so far.


We didn't add any new mirrors in 2020, but we've maintained our existing mirrors at:


LavaDNS was killed... and... LavaDNS v2 was born:

LavaDNS v2 uses industry standard software, and provides DNS, DoH, DoT and dnscrypt. Oh, and it doesn't keep logs, and is available in two locations: US and Finland.


Heck, I (ave) forgot LavaSearx was even a thing!

The service is still up, but it's at a degraded state. It's not synced to upstream, and is probably broken.

We should probably take it down.

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