LavaTech Bitwarden is moving from Bitwarden to Bitwarden_rs

Hello everyone,

To make LavaTech Bitwarden better for both you and us, we're moving to bitwarden_rs, a third party bitwarden server.

We're sure that you're all well aware of certain issues LavaTech Bitwarden faced, especially regarding downtimes and email issues.

Bitwarden itself had certain issues:

bitwarden_rs has premium features enabled for everyone, you can create an organization without purchasing a license or asking us for a license file.

It's all self contained in one docker container, and plays rather nicely with our network. We've also fixed the email issues for both instances (that was mostly due to our messy network tho, which is now also sorted out).

And according to our early tests, it performs much better than Bitwarden itself, both in terms of actual performance and stability. If you had issues with it before, we recommend trying it out again.

Existing users

As the database in the backend isn't compatible with bitwarden_rs, we need existing users that want to preserve their data to follow these instructions:

Our old Bitwarden instance will be shutting down in a month (May 18, 2020), or when we confirm that all users have migrated, whichever is sooner.

Thanks for your interest, LavaTech Team

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