LavaTech Transparency Report, 2019 edition

What's happening forum?

This is our first transparency report to date, due to this, there won't be any data to compare to, but we hope that the data is useful regardless.

We also released a financial report, you can read it here.

This is released on 2020-02-25, with numbers as of this very date.

In general...

We haven't received any warrants or anything like that to date.

No DMCAs in any service in 2019.

No C&Ds in any service in 2019. is continuing to be a thing as similar services go up and down. 2019 saw the death of bisoga, and as we're writing this, is down due to a drive failure.

We're at 60 domains, 7 of them are currently without any users. We've switched to votes for domains in 2019 to remedy this issue, and it seems to work well so far. (only domains that ended up without users were shitpost domains I bought and added on impulse without voting, oops -ave)

In 2019, we did a server upgrade which resulted in less drive space but a lot better compute capabilities. Right now the storage space isn't a major concern.

v3 is under development. ETA: Soon™.

Right now, there's 606 active and 293 inactive users.

There's 473480 files (equaling 115503.07MiB), with 5333 of them from last week (equaling 1361.02MiB).

There's 1923 shortens, with 27 of them from the last week. XMPP services

User count is 1042.

2 people were banned for violating the LSA, one for commercial activity, one for being a “Problematic Person”.

We have shut down registrations for the foreseeable future to allow for moderation to be possible. Our server hardware is also struggling, especially postgresql during ejabberd's boot, and this also contributed to the registration being closed. if you want to help us diagnose this issue, feel free to contact us!

Over the year we've followed the latest updates, and we're currently running latest upstream. Similarly, we've continued to keep our config files open to encourage people to deploy XMPP servers.


90dns is going strong. There's ~20k unique IPs per day, 4k of these in the US instance.


Gitdab is growing steadily, as it is open to register and receives updates fairly soon after upstream. And god, the dab meme will never die, will it?


We now have an official Manjaro ARM mirror at

To fit with the URL scheme, was moved to, and it now has proper, working IPv6.


It's down, it's been down, and it doesn't seem like I'll have the energy to fix it soon. The split within the scene of people who are supportive of such services and people who are against it does make this harder, as while this is an easy technical feat, it's definitely not easy from a bureaucracy perspective.


Reminder: LavaDNS is not 90dns.

LavaDNS is relatively deprecated. The future of it is uncertain, maybe it'll turn out to be unbound, or still experimental handwritten servers.


LavaSearx was kept maintained for quite a while, but it's rather slow as it uses Searx. (and I'll be honest: I moved back to DDG. -ave)

The service is still up, but it's at a degraded state. It's not synced to upstream, and ddg seems to be broken. Similarly, Google banned our IP, heh.

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