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Hello everyone welcome to my quick guide on how to change password in Conversations:

0) Open Conversations, go to the main view, hit the 3 dots on top right

1) Go to Manage accounts

2) Pick your account

3) Hit the 3 dots on top right, smash that “Change password” button

4) Change your password by putting your current password to the first box and the new one to the second, and hitting the “Change Password” button

Thank you for reading my guide.

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Hello everyone, XMPP Services had several (unannounced) downtimes today as I did some changes to

  • I've updated the server from ejabberd 20.03 to 20.04, released 4 days ago.
  • I've enabled STUN/TURN to enable Video/Audio calls. This is somewhat big. Here's the relevant issue, and a number of links explaining this. You may use this feature with Conversations. I haven't tested it yet, however if you do manage to try it out, please let me know if it works or not on email or XMPP [email protected]
  • I synced the configuration on the server to the one on the repository. The actual settings were the same, but locations of them weren't, and they missed notes etc from each other. I've synced these, mostly from the repo to the server. You can find the relevant commit here.
  • I've open sourced our MAM wiping systemd service/timer.
  • We've updated the SSL certificate. This is a downtime we have to face roughly every 80 days.

Thanks as always for using our services, Ave

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Hello everyone,

I've just enabled experimental IPv6 support on XMPP services.

By that, I mean that I've:

  • Added AAAA records
  • Tested basic XMPP functionality (successful connection, fetching message history, sending messages) with an IPv6-only connection (which succeeded)
  • Updated nginx to also serve on IPv6 on port 80
  • Updated sslh to also serve on IPv6 on port 443

One thing that I haven't tested that has a chance of failing is HTTP file uploads/fetches with IPv6, though it very likely will work.

Please let us know if anything doesn't work! As always, you can reach us on [email protected] or [email protected] via XMPP or email, or use our Discord Guild.

As always, thanks for your interest in our services, Ave

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