Mirror move: Our Official Manjaro ARM mirror is now an Official Manjaro mirror

Hey all,

As title says, we used to be a Manjaro ARM mirror for several months, but exactly 4 weeks ago, it became a part of Manjaro's regular mirrors. This was rather big and honestly amazing news for Manjaro ARM.

It did however mean that our mirror would be deprecated.

We thought of becoming a regular mirror, but couldn't find easy resources on how to become an official one quickly, and I (ave) was quite busy at the time, so it got kind of ignored.

Well, that changes today! We're now an official Manjaro mirror. Well, it was ready yesterday, but it got approved today, and we only switched it to the manjaro.org upstream today (that's the equivalent of a T2 Arch repo going to T1).

You shouldn't need to do much and it should get activated automatically based on ping, but if you want to add it manually, our mirror is at https://manjaro.mirrors.lavatech.top/

Signed, LavaTech Team

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