Elixi.re & Ratelimited.me Announces the Planned Merger of Their Operations

Istanbul, TR, Release: April 1, 2020. For Immediate Release.

Update, April 2, 2020: Date of post was bolded.

Elixi.re and Ratelimited.me have announced today the planned merger of their operations to offer a unified file sharing solution to the market. Elixi.re will acquire the Ratelimited.me assets, community and hosting, and the merged business will operate under the ElixiLimited brand.

ElixiLimited Logo

Elixi.re, founded in 2018, provides intelligent file sharing solutions that boost productivity, supercharge collaboration, and keep the organization connected. Its rich heritage in amusing domains and high uptime with long-standing partnerships with numerous other file sharing services provide a market leading proposition. Elixi.re is used by hundreds of users worldwide.

The expanded business will serve 1200+ users and 100.000+ files per day.

Elixi.re is a main File Hosting Services provider in Istanbul. It has been solely focused on offering file hosting since the year 2018. Since its inception, Elixi.re’s business and service offering have evolved to meet the unique demands of the dynamic and maturing image host market.

To be the leading image hosting provider, Elixi.re has made stability the central element to everything that it does.

More information about the software products it offers can be found at the website of LavaTech: https://lavatech.top

A spokesperson for Elixi.re shared that they expect definitive agreements to be completed by 2 April 2020 and the operations and assets of Ratelimited.me to be transferred to Elixi.re shortly thereafter.

Contact info: Name: Ave Ozkal Organization: LavaTech Address: Chynoweth House Trevissome Park Apt 30074 Truro TR4 8UN United Kingdom Phone: +1-240-621-1337

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